Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Crash Course in Seeding versus Sodding

To Seed or To Sod?

Image credit: gardentrek
Warmer weather is finally upon us! So what does that mean? It means if you're looking to plant a new lawn, now is your chance! Especially if you're down in the south with the warm season grasses - which grow far better when the climate is hot. But how should you decide whether to seed your new lawn or sod it? Both methods work well, but there are differences that should be considered in choosing the right approach for your needs.

Image credit: foodiesathome
When choosing whether to sod or seed, one consideration is how long you're willing to wait. Seed can take up to two weeks to begin growing, so you will have to deal with the dirt look for a little while. Sod, on the other hand, is essentially an instant lawn - just lay it and you'll have a field of green.

Price is also a major consideration - and here the seed is our clear winner. Grass seed is by far the cheapest of the two options.  Grass seed can be sown on your own, or you can opt for a professional seeding. Either choice is cheaper than purchasing sod and the professional installation that is recommended with it.

Grass seed is also a great choice if you have shady areas in your yards.  There is a greater selection of grass types available when seeding a lawn, so you can purchase seed that will grow well in shady areas, as well as full sun.  Sod generally requires lots of sun to grow properly, so you may have issues with shady areas. 

The type of terrain in your yard also makes a big difference when choosing sod or seed.  If you have areas that erode easily, or are prone to becoming run-off areas, sod is often the better choice.  It does not wash away as seeds are prone to, and stays put after you lay it.

Grass seed and sod both require the similar care, so at the end of the day, it's really just a personal decision depending on you and your lawn's needs. Either choice has the potential to ultimately provide you with that lush, green lawn that you've been dreaming of. Which new lawn method is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

-- Philip


  1. I've never used sod before, and just recently did my first bare spot repair project. There is just something nice about putting in the hard work and seeing your grass begin to grow from the seeds.

  2. Wonderful point, Nick. Seeds might require a little more patience, but it's definitely more rewarding to grow your own turf.

  3. Thanks for this post! This is making me feel like I won't need to be called the lawn installation people as much this year.

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